Buy Sodium Thiopental (Pentothal)


Sodium Thiopental (Pentothal)

Thiopental sodium, also known as sodium pentothal, thiopental, thiopentone, or Trapanal. Sodium Pentothal is a fast-acting, fast-acting barbiturate general anesthetic which is an analog of Thiobarbital.


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Thiopental sodium, also called Sodium pentothal, thiopental, thiopentone, or trapan (also a trademark), is a general anesthetic for short-acting barbiturates duration of action. of Thiobarbital. Buy Sodium Thiopental, Purchase Nembutal 15g Online Now.

Thiopental sodium was used as the base but was superseded by propofol. on local availability and the cost of these agents.

It was at the top of three drugs given in most lethal injections in the United States, but the American manufacturer Hospira has stopped manufacturing the drug and the EU has banned the export of the drug for this purpose.

Although the abuse of thiopental carries a risk of addiction, its recreational use is rare. Buy Sodium Thiopental, Purchase Nembutal 15g Online Now.


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Pentothal (Thiopental Sodium for Injection, USP) is supplied as a yellowish hygroscopic powder in a variety of different containers.

Solutions should be aseptically prepared with one of the following three diluents: sterile water for injection, USP, 0.9% sodium chloride injection, USP or 5% dextrose injection, USP.

The clinical concentrations used for intermittent intravenous administration vary between 2.0% and 5.0%. A 2.0% or 2.5% solution is most commonly used.

A concentration of 3.4% in sterile water for injection is isotonic; concentrations below 2.0% in this diluent are not used because they cause hemolysis.

For continuous intravenous infusion, concentrations of 0.2% or 0.4% are used. Buy Sodium Thiopental, Purchase Nembutal 15g Online Now.

Solutions can be prepared by adding pentothal (thiopental sodium) at 5% injection of dextrose, USP, 0.9% sodium chloride injection, USP, or Normosol pH 7.4. 

Since pentothal (thiopental sodium) contains no added bacteriostatic agents, extreme caution in preparation and handling should be exercised at all times to avoid the introduction of microbial contaminants.

Solutions should be freshly prepared and used quickly; After reconstitution for multiple administration, unused portions should be discarded after 24 hours. Sterilization by heating should not be attempted.


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Adverse reactions include respiratory depression, myocardial depression, cardiac arrhythmias, prolonged sleepiness and recovery, sneezing, coughing, bronchospasm, laryngospasm, and chills.

Anaphylactic and anaphylactoid reactions to pentothal (thiopental sodium) (thiopental sodium for injection, USP) have been reported. Symptoms such as hives, bronchospasm, vasodilation, and edema should be managed by conventional means.

Rarely, immune hemolytic anemia with renal failure and radial nerve palsy has been reported. Thiopental sodium is classified as a controlled substance in Annex III.


An overdose can occur as a result of too rapid or repeated injections. Too fast an injection can be followed by an alarming drop in blood pressure, even at shock levels. Apnea, occasional laryngospasm, cough, and other breathing difficulties with excessive or too rapid injections may occur.

In the case of a suspected or apparent overdose, the drug should be discontinued or maintained, with adequate ventilation. The dose of barbiturates varies and cannot be established with certainty.

Lethal blood levels can be as low as 1 mg / 100 ml for short-acting barbiturates; other depressant drugs or alcohol are also present. Buy Sodium Thiopental, Purchase Nembutal 15g Online Now.

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INDICATIONS Buy Sodium Thiopental, Easy Order Nembutal 15g Online

Pentothal is indicated as the sole anesthetic agent for brief procedures, for induction of anesthesia prior to administration of other anesthetic agents.

Also, to supplement regional anesthesia, to provide hypnosis during balanced anesthesia with other agents for analgesia or muscle relaxation. Buy Sodium Thiopental, Easy Order Nembutal 15g Online.


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